Gastro One Phone Number

Gastro One is a healthcare provider specializing in digestive health. They provide a variety of treatments and procedures for people with gastrointestinal disorders. If you want to contact Gastro One, they’ve made it simple by providing phone numbers for all of their locations and services.

Whether you need to schedule an appointment, have questions about billing and insurance, or need support from a specific office location, Gastro One provides you with the information you need to contact them directly.

Gastro One Contact Details

Office LocationAddressPhone Number(s)
Atoka Office(901) 755-9110
Billing & Insurance(901) 684-5511
Bartlett Office(901) 755-9110
Germantown Offices1324 Wolf Park Dr.(901) 755-9110
2999 Centre Oak Way(901) 684-5500
8000 Wolf River Blvd(901) 747-3630
DeSoto Office7668 Airways Blvd, Bldg. B(901) 766-9490 or (662) 349-6950
G.I. Diagnostic & Therapeutic CenterGermantown (1310 Wolf Park Drive)(901) 624-5151
Germantown (8000 Wolf River Blvd)(901) 747-3630
Desoto (7668 Airways Blvd, Bldg. B)(662) 349-6950
Administration(901) 682-1233

Gastro One Locations

Gastro One’s various sites in Tennessee and Mississippi offer accessibility for people seeking digestive health services.

They have offices in Germantown, Bartlett, Atoka, and DeSoto, among others. Each facility is equipped to provide comprehensive gastrointestinal treatment, including consultations and diagnostic tests.

For example, the Germantown office can be reached at (901) 747-3630, demonstrating their commitment to patient accessibility.​​

The Patient Portal

The Gastro One Patient Portal allows patients to conveniently manage their healthcare online. Patients can use the portal to contact their healthcare team, schedule appointments, view lab results, and obtain prescription refills. This digital technology allows patients to easily access vital healthcare services from home, improving their overall experience.


Gastro One shows a patient centered approach to digestive health care, from making it easy to call their clinics to providing comprehensive pre-visit preparations and utilizing digital resources such as the Patient Portal. Their dedication to accessibility, patient safety, and the use of technology to improve healthcare experiences distinguishes them as a leader in the field of gastroenterology. Whether you’re a new patient planning your first visit or a returning patient managing continuing care, Gastro One has the materials and assistance you need for a positive healthcare experience.